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Sep 29 8pm
Third wheel Hollywood

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KPOP x PPOP Riff Off w/ The Filharmonic


The "Koo" and A podcast hosted by yours truly.
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Yvette Lu
Yvette Lu joins Ryan as his first podcast guest to talk about growing up in St. Louis, going on tour with Hamilton during her last year at NYU, and her experience with seventeen Emmy nominated miniseries Fosse/Verdon and the ABC Diversity showcase.

Amogh Karwar
Amogh Karwar sits down with Ryan to talk about his decision to leave his corporate job to become an actor, the secret to his confidence and swagger, and his experience working on ABC's General Hospital.

Shekinah Austria
Shekinah Austria sits down with Ryan to talk about putting her partying days behind her, competing in the Binibining Pilipinas beauty pageant, and her hit single "Kahit Bawal" which garnered over 300,000 streams on Spotify.

Jules Cruz
Jules Cruz sits down with Ryan to talk about what it was like being roommates for 6 years, the development of his unique sense of humor, and his experience with the popular acapella group the Filharmonic who can been seen in projects such as the Sing Off, Pitch Perfect 2, and the Late Late Show with James Corden.

Eddie Vigil
Eddie Vigil sits down with Ryan to talk about electing to become a director instead of a mining engineer, having to speak in an Irish accent for a musical production, and his feature films It's What On The Inside and Chama Days which can be seen on streaming platforms such as Amazon Prime and Tubi.

Sizzle Sr
Sizzle sits down with Ryan to talk about dealing with racism in the United States Marine Corps, having to go to prison for not being a snitch, and how he became to be known as the prison Jeremy Lin.

Michelle Hinsberg
Michelle sits down with Ryan to talk about how she deals with flirtatious men, how she developed her excellent listening skills, and her experience with working as the lead in feature film It's What's on the Inside which can been seen on streaming platforms such as Amazon Prime and Tubi.

Kate Frydman
Kate sits down with Ryan to discuss recently receiving her first TV writer credit on season 2 of Peacock's Rutherford Falls, breaking into the entertainment industry by working as Ed Helms' personal assistant for two years, and her comedic influences.

Samir Hobab
Samir sits down with Ryan to discuss being a 20 year old realtor who has already sold multiple million dollar homes, the secret(s) to his successful 5 year relationship with miss Chau Chau, and why he decided to tip his barber $50 for shaving his head.

Mandysa Brock
Mandysa sits down with Ryan to chat about being raised in France and the United States, getting hit on by gym bros, and how she started carrying a knife because her taser kept running out of batteries.

Sterling Maffe
Sterling sits down with Ryan to chat about working on the music for popular Dungeons & Dragons web series Critical Role, his musical composition process, and his acquaintance-ship with film composer Alan Silvestri (Avengers, Back to the Future, Forrest Gump).

Sofia Yen
Sofia sits down with Ryan to talk about having the best teacher in the universe, private catholic schools, and deciding to major in dietetics.

Erick Inestroza
Erick sits down with Ryan to chat about not being able to do a cholo accent, dealing with cancel culture as a creative, and how he became a self taught motion graphic designer.

Amogh Karwar Returns
Amogh reluctantly returns to chat with Ryan about his ideal acting agent, his legendary intramural college basketball career, and joining Ryan's wolf pack.


June 10, 2020
Thank you to Inside the Magic for writing this wonderful article about my acapella cover of the Spider Man theme song. So neat! :)
read article here

December 15, 2021
Did an interview with VoyageLA about my creative journey so far. Click the link if you want to give it a read. Shout out to Lauren Han for the plug! :D
read article here

December 29, 2021
Hey! I recorded this 15 minute comedy special titled Subtle Asian Comedy with the awesome Funny Media Productions back in July! The booker saw me perform a 5 minute set at Flappers and asked if I can do 15 minutes after the show and gave me his card. I only had 5 minutes of material at the time but of course I told him “yeah, I can do 15! Probably even 20”. This confidence came from years of writing 20 page papers 12 hours before they were due during grad school 😂. Anyways, when I recorded this special, I probably only been doing stand up for maybe a month and wow, it is so interesting to see how different my stand up was back then compared to now. I haven’t been too motivated about stand up recently but this is just what I needed to start writing again and try some new things!
watch Subtle Asian Comedy here

February 13, 2022
Some really great pictures taken by the awesome photographer Moshe Brakha!

February 14, 2022
My good friend Jules Cruz recently started a podcast called Full Court Fresh where he talks about the latest NBA news and hottest fantasy pick ups. I came on as a guest yesterday and we talked about horrible nicknames in the NBA, our thoughts on the Ben Simmons/James Harden trade, and the worst recreational basketball league game we've ever played. Check it out if you're interested!
listen to episode here

March 4, 2022
Some awesome pictures from an Art Center shoot thingy with Sydney Winbush. So cute!

March 9, 2022
Really excited to have this film come out on Fox's Tubi on April 22. This was a completely improvised film, should be very interesting lol!

May 23, 2022
Got to do a riff off with the popular Filipino American acapella group The Filharmonic. They are the acapella group that sings on all the riff off segments for the Late Late Show with James Corden. Fun fact, I went and sang with most of these guys at Mt. SAC community college over 10 years ago! How time flies! I suggested to the Kpop singers that our group name should be KBbQ (K B flat Q) but no one seemed to want it so alas! Anyways, go check out the video, it's super dope!
watch KPOP x PPOP Riff Off w/ The Filharmonic here

June 23, 2022
Some awesome pictures from a recent Coffee Bean shoot with Myverick Garcia. Shot by Bruce James! Fun fun!

July 12, 2022
You can see me make toast on amazon.com today and tomorrow for Prime Day!


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Ryan Koo is an actor, musician, and stand up comedian from Seoul, South Korea. He has a first degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do and is currently studying improv at the Groundlings, UCB, and Cold Tofu. Ryan’s acapella cover of the Spider Man theme song was featured on Inside the Magic and he recently recorded a 15 minute comedy special with Funny Media Productions titled Subtle Asian Comedy. You can catch him in LA performing stand up, practicing martial arts (Tae Kwon Do & Wushu), or doing improv.


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